Uncontested divorce, what is it?

Uncontested divorce, what is it?

In a prior article we discussed the basics of an uncontested divorce in Texas.

But what exactly is an uncontested divorce? An uncontested divorce means that you have agreed on the following:

  • actually getting divorced;
  • division of all property and debts; and (if applicable)
  • all child related issues, including child support; health insurance; conservatorship (which includes custody); and the visitation arrangements whether standard visitation or otherwise.

If all of the above are not agreed upon, then you may not have an agreed or uncontested divorce.  Just wanting it to be an agreed divorce does not make it one.  If you cannot reach agreements on all of the above issues, then your divorce will most likely be contested and court hearings may be necessary.  You can learn more about contested divorces here.

Are there any special rules for agreements?  The answer is no. the court will approve just about anything you can come up with as long as it does not break the law, or is not totally crazy in regards to children (if you have them).

If all of the above three items are agreed to, then you are ready for an uncontested or agreed divorce.

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