Uncontested Divorce – Basics

Uncontested Divorce – Basics

This post will be the first in a series of posts on agreed or uncontested divorces in Texas. Everything in here applies anywhere in Texas. Since we will be addressing uncontested divorces, I am going to keep it very basic.

However, before beginning a discussion on an uncontested or agreed divorce there needs to be a focus on the basics of a Texas divorce.

The agreed divorce process begins by filing an Original Petition for Divorce. This begins the divorce process and starts the 60-day waiting period required in Texas. This sixty days is called the “cooling off” period.  The person who files the divorce is called the “Petitioner” and they petition the court for a divorce.

Once the sixty day waiting period has elapsed, the Petitioner can appear before the Court with the signed, agreed, final decree (we’ll discuss this later) and “prove up” or finalize the uncontested divorce.

In upcoming posts I will discuss:

  • Each document in more depth, including the Petition for Divorce, the Waiver of Service and the Final Decree of Divorce;
  • The meaning of an agreed divorce in Texas;
  • The different types of uncontested divorces in Texas;
  • The benefits and disadvantages of each type of agreed divorce in Texas;
  • A brief description of property and child related issues in the divorce; and
  • Mediation for an almost agreed divorce, what it is and how it helps

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Thanks for reading!