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  • So it’s May 2020, let’s review the applicable weekend and weekday visitations under the Texas Standard Possession Order: The non-custodial parent (the parent exercising visitation in the standard possession order) will have the child(ren) on weekends beginning on Friday the 1st, 15th, and 29th

  • Hello, everyone. Welcome to October and the standard possession order. It looks like we've got a pretty simple month, this week. One holiday, but it falls on an off weekend under the standard possession order. So we are just going to have our kind of standard weekly and weekday and weekend visitatio

  • July is upon us. Summer is here and so is the Texas heat! What important questions do we need to be answered for July and the Texas standard possession order? Non Custodial Parent If you are the parent who exercises standard visitation in Texas, the non-custodial parent (NCP), and you did not design

  • A common issue in a divorce is the division of an automobile when the car debt is in the name of both parties. These can be tricky situations because they involve a third party, a creditor. Below I discuss possible options to divide a car in this situation, but first it is important to understand th