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  • So it’s May 2020, let’s review the applicable weekend and weekday visitations under the Texas Standard Possession Order: The non-custodial parent (the parent exercising visitation in the standard possession order) will have the child(ren) on weekends beginning on Friday the 1st, 15th, and 29th

  • A common issue in a divorce is the division of an automobile when the car debt is in the name of both parties. These can be tricky situations because they involve a third party, a creditor. Below I discuss possible options to divide a car in this situation, but first it is important to understand th

  • What are “Grandparent Rights”? For this article, we will discuss the right of a grandparent to force a parent to provide visitation with their grandchild through court orders.  There are other scenarios where a grandparent can seek custody of a grandchild which will be the subject of a later article

  • A pre-marital agreement is an agreement you reach with your future spouse regarding how property accumulated during the marriage is handled in the event of a divorce.  It can be as simple as setting out that all property brought into the marriage stays the property of that spouse (called separate pr